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Longstar technology will attend the sixth session of the CIMAE Exhibition
   23.3.2016    Source:www.longstartech.com.cn

Annual much attention of China International Modern Agriculture Expo (referred to as CIMAE) will on April 19, 2015 in Beijing meeting, which lasted three days, the exhibition has gone through five circles, five years, CIMAE conform to the modernization of our country agriculture sustained rapid development direction and demand, adhere to market-oriented, professional service optimization, expanding the international market, and expand the scale of exhibition every year, a steady increase in the number of exhibitors, increasing international influence and brand awareness and drama, many of the authority of the media, known as "China's first exhibition of modern agriculture".

CIMAE 2015 by Ministry of agriculture of China agriculture international cooperation and promote, CO sponsored by the Chinese society of agricultural engineering, it is expected that the Expo exhibition area will be more than 20000 square meters, more than 600 exhibitors and professional audience of 30000.

This Expo theme is "science and technology oriented industries docking, will reveal the modern technology of agricultural modernization development support and guarantee for the role, for China's agricultural modernization the latest achievements in science and technology to provide the best platform for the dissemination, promotion and application, during the Expo will be held seminars, product launches, inspection, etc. many rich and colorful forum and activities.

Shenzhen City Longxing Tatsu Technology Co., Ltd., do one of the exhibitors in the exhibition, as China's most professional UV LED suppliers, timely tracking industry development trend, to provide customers the most professional technical service theory profoundly reflect the subtle changes in the market, to build a communication platform for the customers all over the world, to provide comprehensive information, technology and products and services.

Then, we will be in the 1164 booth, look forward to your presence!

Host unit:

Ministry of agriculture, China International Agricultural Cooperative Association for agriculture

Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering

Co organizer:

National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center

China Green food Development Center

China Agricultural Water Conservation and rural water supply Technology Association

China Agricultural University

Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Bureau

Beijing international urban agriculture science and Technology Park

International cooperation:

Link Lnc Expo (South Korea)

Messe Marketing MEREBO (Germany)

Taiwan agricultural machinery industry trade union

India Agrutech (India)

AgroRussia (Russia)


Farming Ukraine Animal (Ukraine)

Spanish Federation of agricultural innovation