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Address:910, 1085 Heping Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen


TEL:0755-2556 9680

FAX:0755-2556 6650



Contact Person :James


Recruitment post: online sales manager
Number: some Work place: Luohu Shenzhen
Release time: 2015-9-15 End time: 2015-12-11
Job responsibilities

1, make website promotion plan and be responsible for implementation;

2, to assist the company to develop network marketing resources and channels;

3, responsible for business requirements research, website marketing activities planning and operation;

4, responsible for the information release, website traffic statistics analysis, advertising and e-mails;

5, head of Taobao shop management;

6, customer relationship management, and sales promotion; All kinds of problems of

7, solve the network marketing process, the collection industry and customer information, and timely feedback to the company relevant circumstances.

Position qualification

1. college degree or above.

2. marketing, e-commerce, network management and other related professional

3. has a certain network sales, network marketing capabilities or potential, familiar with the network marketing strategy, methods, skills and operations

4. e-commerce website promotion experience is preferred

5. quick thinking, full of passion, creativity, initiative, strong learning ability, good team spirit