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Laser radar and laser ranging
CLASS: QSI Laser Diode      DATE:2016-3-23    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

In everyday life people often mention the word laser, and then for the function and the specific definition of the laser derived is rarely known, this paper will give you an analytical laser radar and laser ranging.

Laser ranging is an active remote sensing technique for measuring the distance between the sensor and the target by the laser emitted by the sensor (laser radar). The technology can be divided into two kinds of space exploration and ground detection according to the different targets. The measurement of the physical and chemical properties of the atmosphere by means of a laser beam emitted from the air to the air and by receiving the echoes reflected by the suspended particles in the air. The main target of the ground laser distance measurement is to obtain the surface information such as geology, terrain, landform and land use. According to the sensor mounted platform classification, laser ranging can be divided into satellite (satellite), airborne (aircraft), vehicle (car equipped) and positioning (fixed point measurement) four categories.

Laser ranging technology began in 1960s, to seventy or eighty years, laser technology has been an important part of electronic distance measurement equipment. LIDAR (Detection And Ranging Light) is generally referred to as the airborne laser ranging technology, the Chinese term used to refer to the laser radar LIDAR. In the United States, since the seventies of the last century, including the United States Air Space Agency (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Ministry of the Defense Mapping (DMA), many institutions began developing lidar sensor for measurement of ocean and terrain. In Europe, research on laser ranging almost with the United States started at the same time, is different from that of the United States, their commitment in the development of satellite laser ranging radar system, to focus more on the research and development of the airborne platform and matched with the laser radar system, and have achieved considerable success.

To the nineties of the last century, along with the development of Airborne GPS and portable computer system, the stability and accuracy of the lidar system has been greatly improved, and gradually began in Europe put into commercial use, and the related application research immediately took the lead in Europe.

Compared with other remote sensing technology, lidar research is a very new field, whether it is in improving the lidar data accuracy and quality or in rich lidar data application technology research are very active. With the remote sensing technology, lidar system can quickly obtain the earth 's surface and the corresponding objects (trees, buildings, and ground) three dimensional geographic coordinate information, three-dimensional characteristics it conforms to the demand of the main trends of today's digital earth.

With the continuous progress of LIDAR sensor, the gradual improvement of surface mining density, single beam laser can recover the number of wave number, LIDAR data will provide more abundant information on the surface and surface features. Which is collected by the lidar surface 3D point set filter, interpolation, classification and segmentation processing, all kinds of high precision of 3D digital terrain model acquisition, but also on the surface of classification and Realization of ground objects such as trees and building of 3D digital reconstruction, but to draw the forest 3D, 3D city models to construct virtual reality. In virtual reality based on more detailed terrain analysis, parameters of forest and tree estimation, so as to realize the precision forestry, agriculture management; to urban planning, urban environment and urban climate for simulation analysis, implementation of sound, light and environment pollution situation assessment and control.

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